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Select Coloured Item

In order to select coloured Items you have generally three stages to perform.

1- Select the product from the relevant Category. For smaller quantites use the Small Coloured Order.

2- Select the Coloured Option.

3- Select the Size from the selection table. A value of zero will come up in the cost.

4- Next select the type of top where the price will be shown. Price / Tray Quantity shown at top of page.

5- Finally select the colour where some have extra costs, eg mixed colours or silver colours. Press the relevant colour group to check

6- If you wish to change any section re-enter your data.

7- Press continue and then add to cart.

8- At this stage you can increase the number of trays if you so wish.

9- If you wish to add further items press on the relevant category section and repeat.
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