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Most small users and some of the large users use paper labels.
Paper labels can look terrific especially if they are multi coloured and have a floral design or similar incorporated into them or where bar codes are needed.
However some people do try and use a transparent label to enhance the colour underneath. This is something we do not recommend as air bubbles will always appear under the label even on clear glass unless treated in a special way.
If anyone knows of a good label producer who has overcome the problem with the correct glue we would be happy to pass their name onto everyone.
As an alternative one can have printing put straight onto the glass. To print onto round glass is the cheapest method but generally most bottles do not have any registration so multi-colour passes are difficult if you are trying to line up colours accurately. Rectangular and square shapes can cost anything up to four times the cost but of course are easier for multi colour runs.
Colorlites can print small runs of round bottles in one colour print. For more sophisticated printing we can recommend other printers. Because of ingredients you use it is essential that you try the effect on the print especially when asking us to print clear glass. Clear glass does have a film on it and dependant upon the batch can alter the adhesive effect. Please provide test liquids if this is critical.
We normally consider we have fulfilled an order if we produce +/- 10%. For printed jobs we try and achieve +5%/-0%. If it is critical for you to have an exact number please inform us and we will oblige, but a surcharge will apply.
For us to print we recommend that you prepare your artwork to size as a pdf file. Halftones are no good, only full black. Any small printer will produce this for you. By using this system you are able to check your layout at minimal expense. We can also accept artwork on film positive read side up. Once we have your pdf or film we can produce a screen and print your bottles in a range of colours.
For costing and more information on our print services please call one of our team on 01634 862 839.

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