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Opaque Gloss Colours

Solid Green Semi Gloss Colours - J03

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J0300 Green J0310 Green J0320 Green J0330 Green J0340 Green


J0320 J0330 J0340
Green Green1 Green2 Green3 Green4

Solid Yellow Semi Gloss Colours - J04

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J0400 Yellow J0410 Yellow J0420 Yellow J0430 Yellow J0440 Yellow


J0420 J0430 J0440
Yellow Yellow1 Yellow2 Yellow3 Cream

Solid Magenta/Pink Semi Gloss Colours - J15 - J05

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J0500 Pink J0500 Pink J0510 Pink J0520 Pink J0530 Pink


J0510 J0520 J0530
Magenta Pink0 Pink1 Pink2 Pink3

Solid Blue Semi Gloss Colours - J06

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J0600 Blue J0610 Blue J0620 Blue J0530 Blue J0640 Blue


J0620 J0630 J0640
Blue Blue1 Blue2 Blue3 Blue4

Solid Purple Semi Gloss Colours - J10

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J1000 Purple J1010 Purple J1020 Purple J1030 Purple J1040 Purple


J1020 J1030 J1040
Purple Purple1 Purple2 Purple3 Purple4


Solid Orange Semi Gloss Colours - J07

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J0700 Orange J0710 Orange 1 J0720 Orange 2 J0730 Orange 3 J0740 Orange 4


J0720 J0730 J0740
Orange Orange1 Orange2 Orange3 Orange4

Solid Red/Orange Semi Gloss Colours -J08

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J0800 Red/Orange J0810 Red/Orange J0820 Red/Orange J0830 Red/Orange J0840 Red/Orange


J0820 J0830 J0840
Red/Org0 Red/Org1 Red/Org2 Red/Org3 Red/Org4

Solid Black & White Gloss Colours, other colours Semi Gloss - J18 - J02

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J1800 Black J1810 Grey J1820 Grey J1830 Grey J0200 White


J1820 J1830 J02000
Black Grey1 Grey2 Grey3 White

Please Note Colours do not look correct with different screen set ups and some colours like Blues show correct effect when seen through glass. And of course these are only are Standard Colours. Visit www.pantone.com for an international standard of colours.

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