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The Decanter bottle range comes in various sizes ranging from 40ml-6000ml. They all come with cork closures and most have different styles of cork to fit. Corks will be 1mm larger than the Decanters hole.
All sizes can be bought in clear glass in any quantity. See Food Section for Screwed Topped Bottles.
All the glass can be coloured in any of our standard colours or matched to a specific.
These bottles are mainly used for:
  • Diffusers Warning Coloured versions may not withstand your perfume.
  • Invitations
  • Message in a bottle
  • Oils/scents
Note about Corks

Wooden headed corks are a quality product but need a little care when using.
Unlike the Synthetic headed corks that are moulded as one piece the Wooden headed ones are merely glued with food quality glue and are therefore more delicate.
Once fitted to a bottle they should be turned to remove rather than push ed or pulled out at an angle .

If you need a more robust cork then you should use a synthetic headed cork.

Decanters Clear Round
Decanters Clear Round
54 products
Decanters Clear Shaped
Decanters Clear Shaped
9 products
Decanters Clear Square
Decanters Clear Square
10 products
Decanters Coloured All Shapes
Decanters Coloured All Shapes

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