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Credit Card Details

Colorlites  uses a system to allow customers to save credit card details for repeated use on our sore, without keeping the detail on our sever. For returning customers this means they simply tick the box to re use a listed one.

Payment can be by different methods.

You can use your Amazon account details but ordering by this system does not retain your order history at the moment.. If you are going to be ordering regularily we would suggest you register your details on the store. This will allow easy re ordering,

When you first make a payment using a credit card online you are now asked whether you want the details stored.

Normally, according to the PCI DSS, an industry-wide standard that must be met by any organization that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data, storing customers' credit card details is not allowed for regular merchants - unless they take steps to implement a number of security aspects and undergo an expensive and time consuming process of certification to ensure that all the PCI DSS requirements have been thoroughly met.

For this reason we have never kept card details but with our new software that we have purchased this provides a PCI DSS compliant solution that allows us to charge customer credit cards again (for new orders or for subscriptions) using the PayPal Payments PRO (PayPal API) gateway.

You get all the benefits of storing your credit card details - without actually storing them on our system. This is made possible through the use of the so-called "tokenization". Tokenization is a means of protecting sensitive cardholder data that was designed to reduce the risks associated with storing credit card information for merchants. The technology is meant to prevent the theft of the credit card information in storage. It replaces credit card details with a special number (token) that can be used to charge again the customer’s credit card via an integrated payment gateway. As sensitive information is stored not on the merchant site, but in a secure PCI DSS compliant environment of the payment system, use of tokenization significantly simplifies PCI DSS compliance for the merchant.

To enable payments with saved credit cards, do the following:

On the first payment of an order using the online credit card system you will be asked if you want your details saved. If you say "YES"

When you the place another order the system will ask you if you want to use your saved card(s). If your card is no longer registered to you, you are able to delete it from the system.

By ticking the box the card is automatically entered on the payments page.







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