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Candleholders Clear & Coloured & Printed

This section has a selection of Candleholders suitable for Weddings.
They can be coloured and printed to order. Please allow minimum 3 weeks.
The more you purchase the cheaper unit cost will be given.
Have your own Royal Wedding.


Candleholders Printed Only.
These are for Clear Candleholders Printed only
Select your Candle Holder, Quantity Break, Text  and Text Colour. Some items can be filled.    See Help Section - Layouts 
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Candleholders Coloured and Printed
  These are for Candleholders Coloured and Printed
Select Candle Holder, Text and Text Colour, Some items can be filled.  See Help Section - Layouts 
Layout 1 Layout 2 Layout 3 Layout 4

Full set of Internal Wedding Colours on 10cl Conique (13 colours)
This is a set of our Internal Wedding Colours. Ideal for Wedding planners or event organisers to show to prospective clients.
Pack fee refunded on first order placed for Wedding colours of £100+ or if returned in good condition and unused.

Price: £25.000 (Euro29.000)
Small LED Flickering White Candle and spare battery only.
Code: LEDCandle
Price each  LED Candle only to put in different Candleholders Clear or Coloured. Example shows effect in a Red W8 Candleholder.
Height: 50mm including wick Diameter: 38mm
Pack Quantity 12
A totally safe candle for candle holders larger than the 5cl size. It has an On/Off switch to save battery power.
Batteries CR2032 easily obtainable. A spare one included with candle.

Price: £1.000 (Euro1.160)

Sorry, the full amount is not in stock