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Tub Candleholders

Tub Candleholders come in two standard sizes and are supplied clear or coloured in vibrant colours for general purpose use.

For other types of candleholders and ideas go to www.colouredcandleholders.co.uk

The two sizes we stock allow an ideal 3 wick and 5 wick candleholder

Prices: Clear Glass Pricing: or Coloured Glass Pricing:
5 wick tub candleholder
Tub Candleholders
10 wick tub candleholder

Round Tub Dimensions

10cl Travel4469 / 65
50cl 3 wick70123 / 117
100cl Deep120120 / 110
100cl 5 wick70180 / 170
Dimensions are approximate (+/- 2mm). Diameter* Top/Bottom

At present we are unable to print large designs on Tubs, but please enquire with your design.

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