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Technical Data

kilner jar
Kilner Jar

Coloured bottles in Glass have a water based coating in either Gloss or Matt finish. The Gloss finish can be an opaque not allowing much light to pass through and transparent giving a different colour effect when the container is filled. See our range of over 100 Colours

The colour is applied to clean glass and then fired for some 20 minutes at 180 degrees Centigrade to harden the coating. The coating is suitable for screen printing to be applied. The bottles will stand up to humidity in bathrooms for a reasonable time, but are not suitable for dishwasher cleaning. They should not be stored in damp conditions for long periods as the surface coating will deteriorate. Any paint will not replace a naturally coloured glass.

We cannot guarantee that your ingredients will not attack the coating. Please ask for a pre production test sample to check out.


Please do not try and stick a transparent sticky label on a Matt finish. It will show the bubbles and as the labels get older be worse. Some glues on labels will attack our paint.

The bottoms of most glass containers are not flat. Consider this when designing such labels and discuss with us when in doubt. Samples will not always be the same as Production batches as like everything else Glass does have tolerances and changes as the tool wears out.

It is always recommended to blow out the inside of the container as debris may gather during transport and storage.

Above all check out the finished product with accelerated testing to ensure everything is correct not only our supply.