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Colorlites are premium producers of a quality range of coloured glass storage pots. Our high quality storage pots are ideal for use in the kitchen as biscuit pots or spice pots. Storage pots are available in over 120 vibrant colours. See Colours of Storage Pots.

Storage pots come in transparent gloss, translucent matt, translucent semi-matt or opaque colour finishes.

Glass Storage Pots & Spice Jars Come In Clear Or Coloured

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Jar Candleholders come in three standard sizes and can be coloured in vibrant colours for general purpose use, other than Candleholders.

This type of Candleholder is ideal where one wants to add petals on top of a candle to spread around the jar when it is lit

Candle Jar holder

Prices: Clear Glass Pricing: or Coloured Glass Pricing:
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We are unable to print the bottom 50mm of the Jar Candleholders

Features of our Storage Pots

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