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Clear and Coloured Round Glass Candle Holders

Coloured Glass Candle Holders come in just a few standard sizes and are supplied clear or coloured in vibrant colours for general purpose use and can be overprinted.

Prices: Clear Glass Pricing: or Coloured Glass Pricing:
Glass Candle Holder Internaly Coated- 30 Standard Colours.
Glass Candle Holders
Buy Beautiful Silver Candle Holders For Special Occasions
Printed glass candle holders

Dimensions are approximate (+/- 2mm). Diameter* Diameter/Over Lugs

Round Candleholder Dimensions

4cl Stockholm5344 / 38
5cl Gabriel5345 / 40
10cl Conique6857 / 51
9cl Meredith6856 / 49
20cl Karen 6470 / 68
27cl Stockholm 9276 / 66
30cl Karen 9381 / 66
30cl Meredith 9382 / 75
38cl Islande 9689 / 85
Dimensions are approximate (+/- 2mm). Diameter* Top/Bottom

Arc, CBC Descriptions / sizes given. If dimensions critical please discuss at design stage. e.g  base flatness, height.

*1 Karen replaces Rachel and Chicago and Islande.

Arc is abbreviation for Arques International in France, CBC is abbreviation for Continental Bottle Company in UK.

A Polished Metal Lid can be fitted to 20cl and 30cl Candleholders.

For Printing onto glass or candle holders follow link Printing

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