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As part of our colouring service we are able to print onto our coatings or onto glass.

We can print both on round and small flat surfaces. With flat surfaces we have better location when we are applying more than one colour whilst on round surfaces only some items lend themselves to multi colour printing.

The ink used is specially formulated to be applied to glass. It is more effective on the matt etch finishes and is better than clear labels.

Range of printing products

The printing will not stand up to dishwasher use even when applied to glass only.

For printing to be clear and sharp it is ideal to have a correct sized good quality art work transparency provided for each colour.

We recommend a read right side up pdf file with no half tones and in black only. 

This allows you to ensure that your design looks correct on your item especially when printing back and front of a round bottle. If Artwork is incorrect a new screen has to be made.

Fonts should be of a bold type not thin delicate tails as especially with the etch finish you will have a problem. An ideal minimum font is Arial 7

Ensure that legislation information is correct for the product and size. Bar codes do not work well with all colours.

The range of colours applied is as shown, but are for guidance only. Should a requirement for a specific colour shade is important please ensure a sample is checked out.

To check printing data for our standard items look at the Printing Data Round Items or Printing Data Flat Items

For more information regarding printing on bottles and jars.

we are creating a new website for our Printing as this develops, www.printedbottles.co.uk.

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