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Print Data Flat Items

This table gives the dimensions required to produce a screen to fit the following items. Some designs may require some modifications to the sizes. A suggested minimum font size is Arial 6

This only applies to Flat Items as printed by Colorlites on their machines. All Glass will have a tolerance on the dimensions of about plus or minus 1mm which will make a difference between one batch of glass and another.

This data should not be used for other printers. Where Complicated printing is required please discuss as some glasses do not lend themselves to this kind of printing. With Flat Glass we are able to do multi colour printing.

Screen Printing Candleholder Dimensions

8cl Square4545
25cl Square6565
100ml Diffuser5050
200ml Diffuser6060

Screen Printing Food Bottles Dimensions

60ml Marasca7020
100ml Marasca8025
250ml Marasca1030
130ml Food3040
200ml Food13550
2 Litre Terrine9085
3 Litre Terrine13085
500ml Everest11394x55

Screen Printing Crimp Bottles Dimensions

30ml Everest5538x19
50ml Everest6543x24
100ml Everest9654x27
15ml Klee3040
30ml Klee7523
50ml Klee11523
100ml Klee14030

Screen Printing Screw Cosmetic Bottle Dimensions

Description.HeightDiameterCircum* Centres
30ml Cosmetic403610256
100ml Cosmetic694814175
200ml Cosmetic905616788
* includes 9mm for gap All threads are 24R3