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Printed Labels

We have now discontinued supplying labels but are happy to advise customers.

We are now able to offer short runs with a full laser printer direct onto the bottle, ideally with a matt coating.

These are done in small runs and come straight from your design file.

Range of printing products Range of printing productsRange of printing products

Pictures and further information will follow in the near future but please send us your requests.

For your perfect label we will simply need your jpg file of your design to size.

Cost depends upon the time to print.

Ensure that legislation information is correct for the product and size. Bar codes will work well with all colours if chosen correctly. Test them yourself before you submit your design

The use of half tones is now acceptable.

For those of you needing date sensitive labels or barcodes this is an ideal solution.

For more information regarding printed labels on bottles and jars contact us.

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