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Coloured Cosmetic Glass Jars

Cosmetic Jars are generally a heavier Glass and have less blemishes and line markings on them. In the main they have good registration marks on the bottom for printing two and three colours albeit we are unable to do this service.

Coloured in vibrant, resplendent colours, our glass jars come in two shapes and a variety of sizes. Cosmetic glass jars are available in sizes ranging from 7ml through to 200ml. Because of cost implication we only stock 7ml to 60ml. Should you have your own we are happy to colour.

Cosmetic Jars when you need a heavier Jar for your Product.

Prices: Clear Glass Pricing: or Coloured Glass Pricing:
Cosmetic Jars Group

Clear Round Cosmetic Jar Dimensions

7ml 33R32636
30ml 51R34045
50ml 58R34558
60ml 58R35158
200ml 89R35892
Dimensions are approximate (+/- 2mm)

Shallow Cosmetic Jars when you need a smarter Jar for your Product.

This range only comes at the moment with Wooden head Lids.

Prices: Clear Glass Pricing: or Coloured Glass Pricing:
Shallow Cosmetic Jars

Clear Round Shallow Cosmetic Jar Dimensions

30ml 48R33161
50ml 48R34161
100ml 66R34380
200ml 89EU43110
Dimensions are approximate (+/- 2mm)

Features of our Cosmetic Jars

For our range of printing options onto glass jars, please see Printing on Glass Jars

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