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What We Do

Colorlites specialises in the supply of Clear glass bottles and clear glass jars and are able to produce superb quality coloured glass where required. The company has been trading for over 60 years. Our coloured glass come in a range of shapes and sizes. The coloured glass bottles are ideal for the storage of cosmetics, aromatherapy oils and kitchen goods. Coloured glass bottles in our fancy glass bottles range make ideal gifts. Now you can have the coloured glass bottles you have always wanted and at an affordable price! Our secure online store allows you to purchase small and large quantities of Clear or Coloured glass jars and bottles.

Coloured Items are generally produced on placing of Order and delivery is dependant upon work load and time of the year. Check the Store for approximate delivery time or ring for information as small amounts maybe available Ex Stock.

We are the leading Coloured Glass Bottle Suppliers and Clear Glass Bottle Suppliers in the UK.

Coloured Glass Bottle Supplier

Our coloured glass bottles make ideal containers for small quantities of products. Sizes range from 15ml - 500ml. We also supply 5 - 50ml in dropper bottles. The coloured glass bottles have vibrant coatings with over 120 colours to choose from. Coloured glass bottles come in either gloss, matt or semi-matt finish. The gloss finish can be opaque or transparent, the transparent finish giving a different colour effect when the glass bottle is filled. As part of our colouring service, we are able to print your logo or other details onto the coloured glass bottles.

Fancy Glass Bottles - Decanters

Our fancy coloured glass bottles come in a range of shapes including square, round, tulip, oval, quad and sampler. New Shapes and sizes are always being offered and we show a range of glass from Bruniglass whose glass we distribute and stock some lines and this can either be supplied Clear or Coloured Glass.

Coloured Glass Jars and Glass Storage Pots

Discover our selection of coloured glass jars and storage jars and pots. Small clear and coloured glass jars, ideal for storing cosmetics, come in a variety of sizes. Coloured Storage Pots and Glass Storage Pots, ideal for use in the kitchen as spice or cookie jars, come in sizes ranging from 125ml through to 3000ml capacity.

Online Store

We operate an Online Store for both small and large customers. Large Customers have their dedicated category to make re ordering a simple task. In the event that your Browser does not support our Web Pages you may link straight to our Secure Online Store.

We pride ourselves on a quality service and quick delivery time to the small user. For the larger user, we colour free issue glass. We hold stocks of all our coloured glass bottles for those customers who need ‘just in time’ deliveries. Likewise we are able to supply Clear Glass and many of the Ex Stock items are found in our Online Store for despatch generally next working day.

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