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Colorlites are premium producers of a quality range of coloured glass storage jars. Our high quality jars are ideal for use in the kitchen. Food jars are available in over 120 vibrant colours. See Colours of Jars.

Food Jars are generally supplied as Clear being used for food and supplied with Twist Off Gold, Black or Silver Lids where required.

Other Hexagonal Food Jars can be found in the Italian Category.

Prices: Clear Glass Pricing: or Coloured Glass Pricing:
Selection of Food Containers
Selection of Hexagonal Food Containers

Clear Hex Food Jar Dimensions

55ml43T/O70 50/43
110ml 48T/O80 60/52
180ml 58T/O90 70/60
275ml 63T/O100 80/70

Features of Hexagonal Food Jars

We are asked what weight a jar can hold. The weight depends on the density of the product so we have included a brimful water capacity. This way you can measure a specific amount of water in a container and replace with your ingredients to find the weight.

For smaller size see 40ml Round Jar

The above can be coloured. Quick Link to Store

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