? Quality grade Round Food Bottles supplied to the small user and wholesale buyer

Food Bottles - Swing Top

Swing Top bottles are available in a range of sizes and types.

The Mignon 40ml is ideal for small samplers or for wedding favors. A larger selection can be seen on in the store.

The Basquaise is a shaped version which comes with a ceramic cap.

The Costalata is the main Swing top for general use. It has 10 flat sides around it.

The 1 litre version should not be used for fizzy drinks.

Food Bottles Come in Clear but can be coloured.

Prices: Clear Glass Pricing: or Coloured Glass Pricing:
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Swing Top Food Bottle Dimensions

40ml Gallone 10543
40ml Egizia 12558
40ml Heart 12060 x 30
40ml Bajazzo 18534
200ml Basquaise 17380x44
250 Costalata 19561
500 Costalata 28071
1000 Costalata 30989
Dimensions are approximate (+/- 2mm).

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