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Clear and Coloured Diffuser Bottles

Colorlites specialises in superb quality range of clear and coloured diffuser bottles. Our range of diffuser bottles come in different sizes and shapes.

Diffuser bottles are generally supplied with a translucent matt finish.

Samples are available to help you check the colours with your product inside. As part of our colouring service we are able to print onto our coatings or onto glass on round products.

Diffuser Oils are very strong in some cases so please check whether our finish will stand up to your requirements in case of drips when diffusers are removed.

Our screwed top range come with a travelling plug and can be supplied Gold, Silver or Wooden screw caps.

Our Diffuser Bottles Can Be Produced in many Colours:

Prices: Clear Glass Pricing: or Coloured Glass Pricing:

Diffuser range of bottles

Screw Diffuser Dimensions

100ml Round 28R37868
100ml Lotus 28R310753
100ml Square 28R37760AF 82AC
100ml Clayton 28R310945AF 62AC
100ml Penny 9881 x 37
200ml Clayton 24R3 15051 x 70
200ml Bliss 24R3 18551 x 15
500ml Rectangle 28R3 140100 x 60
Dimensions are approximate (+/- 2mm).

Cork Diffuser Dimensions

50ml Round Vecchi9040
100ml Round Vecchi10148
250ml Round Vecchi13260
50ml Injection Bottle7442
100ml Injection Bottle 9852
200ml Round 9580
200ml Square 9571AF x 97AC
Dimensions are approximate (+/- 2mm).


Features of our Diffuser Bottle

Diffuser Bottles with Screw On hollow Caps. We can offer a quick delivery of Glass Diffuser bottles. Clear Glass bottles supplied in small or large quantities.

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