? Corks for Bottles

Corks for Bottles

Colorlites specialises in superb quality, beautifully coloured Bottles for the food and toiletry markets. To compliment the bottles we stock a range of corks and shrink sleeves. Sleeves are also available to make bottle tamper evident. Headed synthetic corks are generally machine applied, manual application can be easier to apply if wet. We bring in our Corks and Caps from Italy.

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Some of our range of stocked types.

Selection of Corks

Taper Cork

Taper Cork

Synthetic Head & Cork

Headed Cork

Wood Top & Natural Cork

Wood Head

Synthetic Pourer


Sleeves to cover tops


Features of our Corks

Note about Corks

Wooden headed corks are a quality product but need a little care when using.

Wooden headed corks are made from sustainable EU Beech Wood. A Food grade glue is used.

Unlike the Synthetic headed corks that are moulded as one piece the Wooden headed ones are merely glued with food quality glue and are therefore more delicate.

Once fitted to a bottle they should be left fro 7 days in an upright position to allow the cork to adjust to the bottle shape.

Once fitted to a bottle they should be turned to remove rather than pushed or pulled out at an angle.

If you need a more robust cork then you should use a synthetic headed cork.

Generally allow 1mm larger diameter to make good seal

Natural Corks can take the form of being a solid cork or composite which are made up of small particles glued together with food safe glues and dusted with a natural powder
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This range is changing and being added to all the time.

For Larger customers we can engrave on the head of wooden corks.

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