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Any colour within reason can be applied to a glass bottle. As a standard we try and limit ourselves to five types. Round and square items can be printed on coloured or clear glass. Printing on our Glass.

All colours are fired onto the glass at 180 degrees centigrade but are not dishwasher proof. The colours will scratch off where inadequate packing is applied. Additional protection can be applied by inserting in a box or wrapper or the addition of paper labels at points where rubbing can take place.

Where small orders are required these will be done by hand and marks may show on the base when we place in our ovens. Most of the jars will tend to show some overspray on the thread but is kept to a minimum unless you require a full coating on the thread.

As the colours are slow to down load follow the relevant type for a complete range of colours. Bespoke colours can be undertaken and generally do not cost anymore.

A UV blocking UVAG and Antique Green colour can be applied to provide a range of food jars that contain delicate oil.

Samples are always available to help you check the colours with your product inside. Remember the coloured contents will alter the glass colour. e.g Yellow liquid in a Blue glass will take on a green tinge.

Coloured Items are generally produced on placing of Order and delivery is dependant upon work load and time of the year. Check the Store for approximate delivery time or ring for information as small amounts maybe available Ex Stock.

Chakra Colours. Many people choose the following as being fairly close.

Transparent Gloss Colours

These are vibrant colours in a gloss finish and are reasonably hard.

For a colour go to Transparent

Transparent Gloss Colours

Translucent Matt Colours

These are vibrant colours in a Matt Etch  finish and are softer and easily marked. Not ideal where no protection can be applied until they reach end user.

We have a smooth etch which is softer touch to the hand and less easily marked but can only be applied in the natural etch sand blast effect.

For a colour go to Translucent

Translucent Matt Colours

Translucent Semi-Matt Colours

These are a similar range to the Matt colours but with a 50% addition of the equivalent transparent colour giving a more durable finish.

For a colour go to Translucent.

Opaque Colours

We can offer Black, Cream and White both in Gloss and Etch. When applying the White Colour we generally have to apply two coats which tends to make the white take on a brownish effect. For this reason we recommend that a cream is chosen or a tint added. Shades can be produced by tinting White to give a range of colours to suit your needs.

We would recommend that White on its own is not used as it shows all marks.

For a colour go to Opaque.

Opaque Colours

Silver Colours

These are colours we produce by introducing the standard colours with a silver mix. They can either be provided as a gloss transparent finish or as a semi matt opaque finish.

For a colour go to Silver Colours.

Silver Colours

Wedding Colours

These are colours that we have produced for wedding themes. By colouring the inside of a glass you get a gloss finish and likewise to colour the outside you get a matt finish. All these colours are semi translucent.

For a colour go to Wedding Colours.

Wedding Colours

Please Note Colours do not look correct with different screen set ups and some colours like Blues show correct effect when seen through glass. And of course these are only are Standard Colours. Visit www.pantone.com for an international standard of colours. We can try and match specific colours but cannot guarantee the same shade on every order as paint changes with heat unlike paper print colours