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Clear Glass Candleholders and Coloured Glass Candleholders

Colorlites specialises in colouring Glass Candle holders in different ways to bring out the best of your product and can take the form of either.

External coated candleholder External Coated in all sizes and colours

Internal coloured candleholder Internal Coated better in round glass and in limited colours

Internal and External coloured External and Internal Coated depends on the colour combination for the glass being used.

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Round Glass Candle Holders

Round Candle holders

Picture shows Wedding Colours range

From 4cl to 38cl

Supplied by Arc in France

Can be supplied Coloured and Printed

Distributer for CBC

Glass Tub Candle Holders

A range of Tubs

2cl Tea Light

10cl Travel Candle

50cl 3 wick

100cl 5 wick

Can be coloured internally and externally, limited printing

Distributer for CBC

Square Glass Candle Holders

Square Candle holders

Small 8cl size

Medium 25cl size

Can be coloured and printed, not ideal for transparent internal colours

Distributer for CBC

Glass Jar Candleholders

Status Candle Jar

23.7cl, 36cl and 62cl stocked

A smart Candleholder with a good quality glass slip on lid or a Stainless Steel lid for the two larger ones

Can be coloured and partly printed