? Stackable Glass Bottles and Jars

New Clear Glass Stackable Bottles & Jars From Bruni Glass in Italy

Colorlites are premium producers of a quality range of coloured glass. As we supply glass for colouring we source from many well respected European suppliers. We act as distributers for a Quality Italian Supplier and bring in deliveries every month. Some items are stocked in the UK and other items can be ordered.

All Glass can be coloured on arrival in England. These Items are Stackable making a display when produce is provided in

Typically different Oils, Bath Shampoos, Mustards, Jams and of course your own selection.

Stacking Jars and Bottles

Selection of Generally Stocked Items in Italy some of which are available in the UK - Click on Spec Sheet to see Items

Onda Jar
Onda Jar
Impilabile Group
Impilabile Group

106ml - 314ml

50ml -250ml

Spec Sheets

Spec Sheets

We are adding to the stock all the time so you may find what you are looking for in the Store.

Prices: Stacking Bottle and Jar Pricing.

For Full Bruni List follow this link & take note of Codes.

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