Coloured Oil Bottles & Bath Bottles Alpha Bottle Range

Colorlites specialises in superb quality, beautifully coloured oil bottles and essential oil bottles. Our range of oil bottles is ideal for small quantities of products.

Our oil bottles and essential oil bottles are available in over 120 epoxy-coated, resplendent colours. Oil bottles are available with a transparent gloss finish, translucent matt, translucent semi-matt or opaque colours with a gloss or etch finish. Samples are available to help you check the colours with your product inside. As part of our colouring service we are able to print onto our coatings or onto glass. See printing on oil bottles.

Our Alpha Bottles Come In Over 120 Standard Colours:

Prices: Clear Glass Pricing: or Coloured Glass Pricing:
Alpha bottles coloured in a variety of different colours
Alpha Bottles for oils and bathing products

Features of our Alpha Bottles

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