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About us

Colorlites specialises in the production of glass jars and bottles coloured in standard colours on a quick delivery for the small user. A just in time system can help our larger customer.

All Glass starts as Clear and hence we are able to provide a range of glass at competitive pricing.

Besides colouring we are able to screen print and provide a range of closures for the glass we supply.

We also act a distributer for Bruniglass in Italy and Continental Bottle Company in the UK from where we get regular deliveries.

Our Mission

Typical Items we colour

The company provides a stepping stone for the small entrepreneur to experiment with coloured glass jars and bottles to enhance their product.

Likewise for the bigger user a special project or cheap method of testing new ideas.

As all our colouring begins with Clear Glass we are able to provide this alongside our coloured range.

Environmental Policy

The Control of Pollution Act and the Environmental Protection Act impose a duty on everyone to prevent pollution in the environment.

In order to fulfil this obligation the Company has strived to remove all health hazards and has removed all heavy metal materials and has moved all its standard production materials to water based systems.

Waste has been minimised where possible with recycling of packaging and disposal to approved collection agencies.

Interllectual Property

Colorlites design, manufacture, distribute and sell a wide range of Products and acknowledge any Trade Mark of their suppliers.

Colorlites owns many web sites, designs and copyright material around the world protecting the many images and logos and trade marks that are associated with Colorlites and Colouredbottles names.

We take the protection of our intellectual property rights very seriously. We take action, as and when necessary, against people that we find manufacturing, selling or advertising for sale items under our brand name. We are very committed to protecting our business, now and for the future.

All of our content such as our photographs and images are protected by copyright. You are not permitted to copy or reproduce any of our content for commercial purposes in any way without our written permission. This includes using our photographs or images to promote the sale of your items on your own web site or on eBay and similar auction sites.

We do not object people to use our images and content of our various web sites as long as they have our permission and acknowledge our name when showing. Permission or reporting possible abuse of our names can be directed to copyright@colorlites.com

Given the nature of the Internet, decisions regarding the authenticity of an item are based upon the images and the description of the goods or statements made, and we feel the content infringes our intellectual property rights, resulting in us taking further action.

It is your responsibility under law to ensure that your actions do not infringe our intellectual property rights.